Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Saint Nicholas is Dead

On December 6, 343 (that is not an error) Saint Nicholas died. He was born to a Greek family in the Roman Empire, became a bishop, founded a small monastery, brought a few people back from the dead, threw some gold coins through a window to provide a dowery for daughters, and had a habit of secret gift-giving by putting coins in shoes that were left out for him. Ha!

Leaving shoes out for gifts became a tradition on his Saint Day, December 6th and is still practiced in many countries. In the U.S. this tradition formed the basis for our very commercial Santa Claus. Don't quote me. You should read the more accurate version of his life.  (Oh, and give $3 to Wikipedia in his honor.)

If you haven't come across the poem "The Death of Santa Claus" by Charles Harper Webb, you might enjoy it- or cry. What is more frightening than losing the magic of Christmas as a child?

You might also find these items amusing if you're a little warped like me.

Santa Coffin from Fun and Morbid
Santa Skull Earrings from Sweetie2Sweetie

My Halloween decorations never seem to completely get put away and then this happens.

Put some candy and nuts in someone's shoe today and think of poor, dead Santa Claus.

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