Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Justin O'Neal: Dark Fantasy

I like the drawings that Justin O'Neal is making. They're simple in color- many are in black and white, and the figures are angular and have sharp edges. His demons have a certain sexiness to be sure, but it's not the round and soft kind. There is a subtle cruelty and strength buried beneath these fairytales.

O'Neal is a freelance artist and you can see his drawings, paintings, and sketches on his website. Shop for prints of his work at JustinOnealArt.

Trick or Treat
Queen of Darkness
The Witch & The Wolf
Rats and Rats and Rats
I'm thinking of adding more walls into our house just so I have spaces to hang all the wonderful art out there. After I die, people will tell stories about the odd house with the maze-like interior.

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