Friday, December 2, 2016

Jewelry from Paradise Findings

Paradise Findings has items that stand out from other shops I've looked at. The piece that first caught my eye was the cicada necklace. That's because I was once shopping in a vintage clothing store flipping through a rack when I saw a skirt with a giant cicada on it and thought "wow! that is cool" until I realized the cicada was alive and crawling across the was a memorable experience. Since then I've had my eye out for a cicada brooch to pin on a sweater.

The shop owner has a good eye for design.  I believe she combines manufactured items (some vintage) to create her own unique designs.  These are very affordable pieces that I'm sure will render many compliments to the wearer.

Dark Cicada Necklace
Coffin Style Vessel with Hummingbird Skull
Gothic Swinging Legs
Dark Raven Delivery Necklace
Gothic Miss Bella Pendant
Bats Preparing for the Evening

There are hundreds of necklaces and rings in this shop. Any one of them would make a great stocking stuffer.

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