Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Holiday Dolls with the Blues

When you read Sarah Winslow's bio in her Etsy shop LaFemme Petit, you get a vision of a sunny, Laura-Ingalls-Wilder childhood of dolls and sewing. I want to know what happened to the artist between then and now. Winslow's dolls appear to have started out with a sweet disposition, but somewhere along the way became jaded and in some cases downright spooky. The life of a glamorous vampire isn't for everyone I suppose.

Victorian Christmas Vampire
Alice in Wonderland
Aileen Ghost Doll
Sabrina Beautiful Ghost
Christmas Octopus Girl Ornament
Creepy Poppet 

Winslow has a Christmas sale going on in her shop at the moment to make way for new dolls. I already purchased my mine. It's scary, but not in your typical haunted house way. I think my husband will love this one.


  1. This made me Laff so hard- were I drinking my morning coffee instead of cheap red wine, I may have had a spit take. Yes, something in my life definitely went wrong... Mid way. So you nailed that all right. I went from believing in the good of society to distrusting the system. But we survive, and a dark sense of humor carries us through the disbelief that our once sacred innocence was lost along the way! - Sarah WInslow

  2. I don't know what I would do without my sense of dark humor to get me through the seedy side of life. I glad there are others out there who can cackle with me.