Thursday, December 1, 2016

Eerie Paintings from Michael Brack

The drawings and painting from French artist Michael Brack are disconcerting and eerie. There is nothing specifically scary or violent in the images, but looking at them gives me the same feeling as when I'm home alone at night and hear an unexpected sound that unnerves me. I'm sure you know that feeling too. It's a real spooked moment.

Brack sells his work in several locations. He has original work in his Etsy shop, simply called Michael Brack and sells prints at Society6. I love being able to get that spooked moment from just looking at Brack's paintings.

Withered Roses
The Sphinx 
The Candle
The Well
Cold Hours
As a look at each of his paintings, I feel that tingling at the back of my neck. Is someone behind me? Should I turn around?? I love it.

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