Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cross Stitch Designs to Haunt You

I've started a collection of winter monsters for our festive holiday decor at home and of course Christmas ghosts. They all fit in well with the skulls wearing Santa hats. I came across some cross stitch patterns that will fit into my Christmas ghost theme and I'd like to share the shop with you. It's called Stitchers Anon and offers a variety of holiday-themed patterns. There are lots of Halloween patterns and a growing collection of Charles Dickens themes.

The Ghost of Christmas Past
The Ghost of Christmas Present
The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
Marley Was Dead to Begin With
The Raven

These are downloadable patterns so, you'll get them instantly. A great last minute gift for someone would be the pattern with the canvas, threads, and hoop ready for stitching. It would give them something to do in that awkward time after presents are opened.

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