Thursday, November 3, 2016

Zack Dunn's Eerie Art

I sometimes joke about decorating our guest bedroom with art that would make any guest leave after one night. The kind of stuff that gives you nightmares. Prints from Zack Dunn would have to be part of the decor. Dunn's art is unnerving. It will make you look over your shoulder and pull the covers tight up to your chin. I can't decide whether I would position it to hang over your head while you slept or have it stare at you all night. Probably I would need more than one.

The Missing Piece
The Tooth Fairy
Trick or Treat Oil Painting
Memento Mori

Just looking at Dunn's Etsy shop gives me the shivers. Do you ever wonder about the artists of such dark paintings? Sometimes I picture them working in a dungeon, but then I think no, they're the ones who are probably the most fun to be around and well-balanced because they can get their nightmares out of their systems.

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