Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Crafty Hag

I once took a linocut class in college and really enjoyed it. It's very mesmerizing and can be relaxing (until you knife slips) as you cut into the block. I was in no way as talented as Coralette Damme. Her linocuts and silkscreen prints are inspired by Germain Expressionism and way more creepy than anything I did. She has a website and sells through Etsy at The Crafty Hag.

Soul Effigy Winged Skull
Alien Tattoo Space Cat
Sideshow Human Tripod
Das Vampyre Silkscreen Tote
Dare Devil Shoulder Bag
Skeleton Telling a Ghost Story

Damme has a few upcoming shows in Florida if you're in her area. Check out her event schedule on the website. I have an urge to get out my old linocut tools. I know they're around here somewhere.

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