Thursday, November 10, 2016

Moon and Serpent Jewelry

The jewelry being made by Goksu Simsek is pure witchery. The jeweler lives in Istanbul and maybe that's part of the magic. Simsek says her jewelry is inspired by alchemy and folklore. Her pieces look like they were made under a full moon and I'd be careful of wishing for anything while you are wearing one. That being said, I'd wear one.

Key to Hell
Arsenic Alchemy Symbol Ring
Le Petite Mort Ring
Horned Hand Pendant

Bat Pendant

If you want to leave your family with an impression at Thanksgiving, I'd encourage you to order quickly. It may take some time to travel to you. They'll be talking about you for years.


  1. Dear Jori, thank you so much for featuring my jewelries. I shared this at my FB page. My sincerest regards,

    1. You're so very welcome. I really love what you're making.