Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Moon

On the eastern coast of the US, the moon reaches it's super status- exactly full- at 8:52 am.  Hopefully you got a good look at it last night or early this morning because I don't think it will be as spectacular at that time of day. None the less, if you would like to acknowledge the full moon at it's height, I have a 3-minute Full Moon Ritual for you from  It's only 3 minutes. What have you got to lose?

For some people, the moon and it's cycle is ever present in their life, but I'd guess that most don't even know what phase the moon is in on any random day. That's a shame because it's such a handy way to mark time. After all, the sun looks relatively the same everyday.

I discovered a jewelry shop that lets you mark occasions with a piece of jewelry showing what phase the moon was in on a particular date. The shop is called Moonglow Jewelry and it's kind of cool. You pick a design and supply the date and they'll drop in the appropriate moon. Easy.

Classic Swarovski Necklace 

The Logosphere bracelet
Celestial Moon Rise Earrings
Night Sky Ring
Lunar Knowledge Necklace
The Ituri Double Moon Necklace

These would make great gifts marking an anniversary or birthday. There are many different designs and options for both men and women and the prices are very affordable. Some of the pieces even glow in the dark. 

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