Friday, November 18, 2016

Crazy Carnival in Hell?

I first saw the work of Nina Huryn at Ghoultide Gathering a few years ago. Huryn uses leather and paint to create spooky images. The leather is tooled and cut and when you see a finished piece you have the urge to reach out and run your fingers across it. Or, in my case, to rub in on your cheek. Others do that, right?

Huryn's work reminds me of a crazy carnival in Hell. It looks a little scary, but also kind of fun. You can purchase her work on Etsy at Creature of God.

The Skeletons Watch the Purple People Eater
Hands on the Planchette
Alice the Extraordinary Flea
Skull with Brown Hat
Red Devil
Yellow Eyed Witch Pillow
The Black Pines aka Caution Trick or Treating Can Be Dangerous

The more I look at these pieces the more I need one. The shop also carries painted pillows and purses.     You'll want to take a look at those, as well.

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