Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dead Fairies from Petite Grotesque

Sometimes things are so strange you just have to fall in love with them. That's how I feel about the dead fairies that young adult author and artist Leah Clifford creates. Yep, you read that correctly. Clifford is an author of a trilogy of books about mythological creatures called A Touch. I haven't read them, but I will be checking them out.

In her spare time she likes to create dead fairies. They are the creepiest little adorable things I've seen in awhile. Her shop is called Petite Grotesque.  Best part of the fairies is that all animal parts were humanely collected.

Luna Moth Fairy
Iridescent Fairy
Meddlesome Fairy
Bat Wing Fairy
Fairy Specimen
Blood Glider Pixie

Excuse me, but these are F*#king Awesome!

Clifford also graciously gives advice about caring for dead fairy: "Do not get them wet. Do not feed after midnight. DO NOT TAUNT FAIRIES."

I think I know what I'm asking Santa to bring me this year.

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