Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ceramic Skulls

I'm trying to make room for all the plants that have set on my porch this summer. Bringing them into a dim house where every table is already holding something is not so easy. I know that they're annuals and weren't meant to be coddled through the winter, but I can't just throw out a healthy plant. I like to kill them slowly, I guess.

The thought of a few air plants to take care of is becoming more and more attractive. I guess that's why the skull planters by Michael McDowell from Mudpuppy caught my eye. Well, that and they're skulls. Duh.

Skull Planter
Baby Head Planter
I also like the cool skull votive holders in pastel colors.

Pastel Human Skull Votive Luminary
And then, there are the hands. I have a thing about hands lately and warding off evil.

All Seeing Eye Hand Amulet

There are some beautiful moon wind chimes in the shop and some other planters you should look at, but I'm not giving everything away. Take a look.

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