Monday, November 21, 2016

Bird Ov Prey: Occult Fashion

You need some new t-shirts, right? Jordan Haley has a collection you should take a look at. His shop is called Bird Ov Prey and along with the line of occult t-shirts there are pins and patches as well.
Phrenology Skull
Occult Crow Claw
Death's-Head Cicada
Strike True
Gnothi Seauton
The website also has some stunning jewelry, but there are no prices available, so fall in love at your own risk.

Gold Ritual Dagger
Crow Claw

Bird Ov Prey also has an Etsy shop if that's where you like to save your favorites. That way your friends and family know what you'd like for Christmas.  You know that's why you have that list.

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