Monday, November 7, 2016

Art of Dark Folklore

I really like these moody prints from Milkwood Art. The artist lives in Poland and is inspired by folklore and wilderness. The pieces are somber and fit my current state of mind. These are contemplation-worthy works. I can look at them and wonder what is going on while at the same time feeling I know exactly what is happening. It's weird.  They'll cast a spell on you too.

Autumn Night
Winter Sadness
She Guards The Forest
Watching Birches
Northern Sky
The artist also prints the designs on t-shirts and tote bags. They're lovely as well. And, just a word about international purchasing if you live in the States- have no fear. I've purchased numerous pieces from Etsy from all over the world with nary a problem. Don't let international purchases stop you from enjoying and supporting art and it's creators. 

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