Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Weirdly Wonderful Jewelry

Every Halloween season I look for a new piece of jewelry to wear that evokes the odd. The collection by Anna Siivonen is definitely in the running. I like that Siivonen's pieces could be worn everyday. There is a bit a playfulness mixed in with the strangeness. I also like that while the pieces don't scream "look at me!" they aren't too delicate and they have some weight to them.

Adjustable Claw Ring
Conjoined Dog & Cat Pendant
Party Skulls Pendant
Tiny Heart Monster Pendant
Chinese Lantern Earrings
Party Skulls Knuckle Ring
Skull Hair Stick
Spider Earring

I really like many of these pieces and there is much, much more in Siivonen's shop.  I usually buy silver jewelry, but this year I think I'll make an exception.

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