Friday, October 14, 2016

Teeny-Tiny Skeletons

I'm always looking out for miniature spooky items. I have plans for a funeral parlor doll house, you see. I came across some tiny skeletons under glass that are also a fun project. You get to glue them together. The kits are from and they are adorable!  The finished skeletons are only one to two inches tall and comes with a glass dome for display. You'll need a steady hand, but reviews are highly favorable, so it can't be too difficult. This is the perfect little gift for the Great Pumpkin to leave on Halloween.

Medusa Skeleton (2" tall)
Cyclops Skeleton (2" tall)
Angel Skeleton (2" tall)
Human Skeleton ((2" tall)
Canine Skeleton (1" tall)
There are also lots of dinosaur skeletons to choose from in the shop. You can purchase the skeleton models and the domes separately too. This would make a great gift for a medical student. Each kit comes with glue, tweezers, a magnifying glass (ha!), and of course the wooden models and glass dome. Love it.

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