Monday, October 3, 2016


I know I'm falling behind when I read a word on a t-shirt and don't understand it. I had to look up "spoopy" today. You may have noticed I've not been on many social media sites other than Facebook lately (I only have so much time) and so I missed the rise of this word.

Urban Dictionary defines Spoopy as: Something that is funny and spooky at the same time.

Ha! I'm spoopy- and not in a cute way.

I have some very spoopy t-shirts for you today by way of my niece who probably already knows what spoopy means. The shop is Look Human. SPOOPY.

Current Mood
Not A Ghost
Sheet Faced
Straight Outta Salem
Drunk Girl Costume
Snake Hair Don't Care
There are hundreds of Halloween t-shirts in this shop. Don't need another t-shirt? You can get the images on mugs, socks, or a tote bag too. 



  1. Good grief--I never do this, but I just ordered the "Straight outta Salem" shirt. Thanks for sharing! HAHAHAAAA
    AND I found a coupon code for $5 off! (YESPLZ)

  2. They are so funny. I love the Straight outta Salem t-shirt!