Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Fellow Halloween Bloggers

It's day six of The Thirteen Days of Halloween and I hope you're making the best of every minute. I have to say that without having to plan and prepare for a party I'm having the best Halloween I've had in years. That's because I've been able to spend more time enjoying what other people are doing for Halloween.

Some of those other people are Halloween bloggers who, like me, share their love of the spooky world year round. I love to see what they're talking about it and I'd like to share some of my favorite bloggers with you in no particular order.  You may already follow some of these blogs,  I hope you'll discover something new.

Posts about the art world and pop culture live happily together here. Dana's latest post is about polymer clay renditions of horror movie posters.

Shadow Manor's The Art of Darkness
My favorite part of The Art of Darkness is called the Link Dump where links to current internet finds are listed for you to explore. It don't know how they have the time to find all those things!

I love their tag line: It Wasn't Just a Phase
Haute Macabre brings high fashion to the dark world. There is also a witchy vintage clothing shop associated with the blog. The latest post features a Halloween wish list for the sophisticated spook.

A blog about, you guessed it, everything skulls.
Check out their post on the skeleton made from dead trees.

Don't expect the stereotypical Halloween stuff on this blog. They're more interested in showing us the beauty in darkness. This blog features gorgeous photography. There's a shop associated with this blog as well. 

Scary Jerry shares his favorite books, movies and weird news all year long. His latest post is a review of the remade Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Miranda is kicking it out of the park with her 31 Days of Halloween this year. She's got party planning down to a science. Her latest post lists her Halloween traditions.

Justine is an artist who loves Halloween.  Besides her own blog, she publishes a great Twitter newsletter called Justine's Halloween Daily that features other bloggers posts too. Her latest blog post gives us a tour of her Halloween party.

You'll find the latest goth, steampunk, and horror items here. I always find something delightful.

Visiting all these blogs should keep you busy till tomorrow's post. I'll be showing you a few of my outfits from my Halloween wardrobe.  Stay spooky.


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