Sunday, October 23, 2016

Back Porch Halloween

It's day five of The Thirteen Days of Halloween and we're nearing the end of a tour of our house. As I mentioned, much of our decor stays on the sinister side all year long. I soften it with bright colors so, like a Smith's song, you don't really know whether to be happy or sad.

This is the back porch. Our cats Sugar, Tonka, and Cotton (she's the black one, of course) make appearances. We have six cats.

The spinning wheel on the wall was dreamed up by me, but my husband made my dream a reality. The black parts are covered with chalk board paint so we can change the wording around the wheel. My patient husband also made the benches from my vague description that I wanted to use crib mattresses so that we could change out the coverings easily when they became covered in cat hair.

The window coverings are Halloween mantel scarves that I picked up on sale. I attached ribbon loops at the corners and installed drawer knobs at the corner of each window to secure them. Believe it or not, these tend to stay up all year. They look great from the outside at night when the back porch is lit up. 

The skulls on the wall are just styrofoam that I gently sprayed white and hung from nails. 


I love to show off our house. If you're in the New England area and want to stop over for a cup of tea (or something stronger) drop me a line! There is so much more to see.

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