Saturday, October 29, 2016

Additions to My Halloween Collection

Although I celebrate Halloween all year long, October is the month when I can do lots of shopping for items to add to my collection. It's everywhere! I've already shown you the new clothing I added to my Halloween wardrobe a few days ago and now for the rest of the show.

My first stop was at the famous Brimfield Flea Market in September. It's the last market of the season so odds are in your favor to find something for Halloween. I had to pass on the wicker casket for lack of funds, but it was beautiful. I did purchase a mega-big metal bat and a vintage pair of aluminum hands. You can't go wrong with disembodied parts.

I tried my hand at a small craft project using a black glass serving tray I already owned and added some Halloween figures and black sand to create a Zen garden. I can make paths in the sand with the witch's broom. I can't say the idea was mine. I saw something similar somewhere- probably Etsy. 

My box-store find was at Target this year. I love this glass bowl with metal claw stand.

This devil mask suited me perfectly. I picked it up at Walgreens.

The witch is a piece I'll treasure. It was made by Bethany Lynn Originals. She is exquisite!

I like to buy something for the cats too (meet JoJo) and they hate costumes so this year they got a new bed from TJ Maxx to cozily watch the birds.

I wanted to be cozy too and purchased this grumpy cat pillow from Pier One.

Two more wonderful Halloween sculptures came from Creepycute Doll Works.

I braved Ebay to purchase my first first-edition Halloween book. It's appropriate that it should be by Charles Addams.

Come to think of it, I purchased another first edition book. If you're familiar with J. W. Ocker's blog Odd Things I've Seen you already know that this is his fourth book. I'm still reading it, but can tell you I like it very much. You'll hear more about it in a future post, I'm sure. 

The last item to arrive in the mail is a ghost ornament from Aunt Lillies Attic. She is adorably spooky.

Wow! When I look at it all together I realize that I added more than I thought to my collection the season. It really is a good thing my husband doesn't read this blog.

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