Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Primitive Halloween from The Cre8or's Touch

The artist behind The Cre8or's Touch I think may be a bit shy. He has several web presences, but doesn't actually list his name anywhere. He is a man of mystery. Because he creates Halloween art I think that's just fine. The sculptures he creates are made to look like they've been handed down through the family. Vintage fabrics are used, paint is worn in spots, and the Halloween figures are kid-friendly.

I have one of The Cre8or's Touch pieces in my collection which I love. It's a small hand-carved jointed devil. He sits year-round on a shelf.  I love to pick him up and make him dance.

You can find The Cre8or's Touch on Etsy, Ebay and a few other sites. I'm displaying items from the Etsy shop today.

Jointed Primitive Pumpkin 
Vintage-Style Halloween Lantern
Skeleton Lantern
Witches of Macbeth Sculpture
Halloween Cat Candy Container
Puss N' Boots Halloween
Posable Witch Doll
The shop is full of wonderful items right now. I hope you get there before I take out my credit card.

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