Monday, September 26, 2016

lOll3 Shop and Girly Ghouls

I think I'm still a teenager at heart because I can't be turned away from a pink monster. Spooky with sugar sprinkled on top is a weakness. Actually, anything with sugar sprinkled on top is ok by me. I'm starting off Monday in my happy place with items from lOll3 Shop by the artist we'll only know as Lorenzo. She describes her work as "art oddities." I describe them as delicious.

Skeleton Cat Patch
Bat Wings Patch Set
Spell Book Patch
Drop Dead Babe Brooch
Fortune Teller Brooch
Ouija Brooch
Little Bat Brooch
You see how you can get my attention? Just place the items on pink. They don't even have to be pink! Jeez, I'm easy.

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