Thursday, September 8, 2016

German Bats!

We all know that bats are the new panda bear. There are all those adorable videos of baby bats being swaddled to moon over. I want one! If I can't get a real one to cuddle, I probably will make out just fine with a plush bat from Flez. The fact that a some of the Etsy shop is in German shouldn't stop you. The language of adorable and cash is all you need to know.  Flez sells all things bats. What's not to adore?

Jumping Evil Bat
Little Bat Kryptina
Minky Hotter Batty Bottle
Mindy Batpillow

I have to add this one in too-

Spider Backpack

Flez also has bat jewelry in the shop for you to adore, but it isn't nearly so cuddly.

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