Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Felted Wool for a Fairy Party

It's time to be thinking about hats- warm hats. I was particularly thinking of witch hats. I like a felted wool hat rather than the one-time-wear polyester ones you buy at the costume shop. If you're going to get a witch hat, make it a good one.

I recently discovered the fantasy inspired hats from Moss Fete. Wendy, the milliner, started making felted hats in college and eventually opened a shop of vintage inspired hats called Miss Fitt. After a time, she felt inspired to create hats for "her fellow woodland creatures, nymphs, and creatures of the night." Her answer to that was to create the Etsy shop Moss Fete.

I love the playfulness of these hats and accessories. They could be part of a costume or something you wear all winter long. The dragon wings are spectacular.

Green Witch Hat
Fancy Witch Hat
Top Hat with Skeleton and Coffins
Top Hat with Tarantula
Bowler Hat with Bat
Dragon Scarf
Sugar Skull Scarflette
Black Feather Collar
Black Wings
Green Dragon Wings
You can tell I'm enthralled by these pieces because I couldn't stop posting pictures. There are over 100 hats to choose from and a variety of scarves, mittens, and wings. These are pieces to treasure and start a collection around.

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