Monday, September 5, 2016

Dead Kittie Art

Canadian artist Megan Majewski describes her art as "cute'n'creepy." She loves painting images of the dead in a way that makes me want to visit their world. After all, when we think about death don't we all just want to be reassured that it is going to be awesome?

Majewski's website is called Dead Kittie and she is selling her art in many places including Etsy, Zazzle, and Society6, to name just a few. Who knew the underworld was going to be so fashionable?

Lula & Yoyo Original Painting
Cloe, Zoe & The Siamese Kittens Poster
The Sweet Taste of Death IPhone Case
Felina de los Muertos Tote Bag
Little Dead Riding Hood Canvas Print

Majewski's art is delightfully dark. Her images look great on so many different things if, like me, you're running out of wall space. Do some exploring today at her various shops.  You can find the listings for them on her website shop page.

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