Thursday, September 29, 2016

Charles Addams

Watching episodes of the tv show The Addams Family brings back memories that make me feel all cozy inside. I loved that crazy family as a kid and even more so now. No matter what outlandish thing happened, Morticia was calm, cool, and collected. She is a great role model.

On September 29, 1988, Charles Addams the macabre cartoonist who created The Addams Family died. Today we honor him and his work. One of Addams first jobs after art school was for the magazine True Detective where he was charged with retouching crime scene photos to remove the blood from bodies.  Addams has been quoted saying "A lot of those corpses were more interesting the way they were." That was in 1933.

Addams went on to draw many cartoons for The New Yorker and it's where he first came up with the Addams Family series in the 1930s.  It's hard to believe they've been around for so long! It wasn't until the 1960s that The Addams Family television series would come into being and although it only ran for two seasons, it has remained a part of our pop culture history.

Addams published many books of his illustrations and illustrated other authors' books, too. I'm thinking that collecting first editions might be fun. While I was doing some quick research on Addams, I came across a series of decorative plates that were produced around The Addams Family. The were offered in the early 1970s by Schmid Bros. Inc. and seem to have been made for a variety of holidays. (Plate collections were really popular in the 1970s. I seem to remember that The Parade Magazine that came in the Sunday newspaper always had an ad for some collectible plates.)

 Ebay has several of the plates available right now. Another collection??

Addams Family Mother's Day Plate
Uncle Fester at Horror Film Plate
Grand Mama Baking Cookies Plate
Walking the Baby Plate
Wednesday in Her Bat House Plate
Snow Skier Plate

Charles Addams grew up in New Jersey, so don't let anyone tell you nothing good ever came out of New Jersey.

And while you're thinking about Addams stop over to the Tee & Charles Addams Foundation website. They even have a gift shop.

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