Thursday, August 18, 2016

Theeth Jewelry

Theeth Jewelry by Kimi Kaplowitz looks like it came from an ancient tomb. I like that. Kaplowitz's designs are earthly, powerful, and might even ward off an enemy if you needed that. Her work is original and I want some.

Currently, Kaplowitz sells her designs on Etsy, but it appears she is leaving her Etsy shop for Shopify (which to me, as a browsing shopper, is clunkier, but I'm sure she has her reasons.) At the moment you can purchase items on Etsy and on her website. It's all good.

Devil Ring
Scorpion and Moon Charm Necklace
Skull and Mushroom Necklace
Black Widow Drop Earrings
Sinister Charm Bracelet
Scorpion ID Bracelet
Little Skull Ring

Theeth Jewelry just screams earth magic. Did I mention how much I love it?

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