Monday, August 29, 2016

The Itinerant Bizarrium

We might all aspire to live in a "realm of dark fancies" and that's what the Itinerant Bizarrium promises. The Brit artist, known to us only as Penelope, gave up a career as a costume designer in Los Angeles and returned home to create dolls on the "friendly edge of Goth." And, while Los Angeles is it's own kind of dark realm, I think she made the right move.

The Intinerant Bizarrium sells dolls through an Etsy shop. They belong in a dark circus.

Horatio a Pumpkin-Headed Clown Doll
Myrtle: A Woodland Doll
Frida Kahlo Art Doll No. 1
Dia de los Muertos Doll
Baron Samedi Voodoo Doll
The Bearded Lady
The shop also carries fanciful, articulated paper dolls. Look at The Itinerant Bizarrium webpage for a gallery of all the dolls Penelope has created. And, while you're looking around, head to the Facebook page for the latest work.

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