Friday, August 12, 2016

Tattered Rag Dolls

One year for Christmas my grandmother made my sister and me some rag dolls. These were beautiful dolls with sunbonnets and prairie dresses. It was unfortunate, but we were a little too old to play with dolls so, they sat alone in our bedrooms. Eventually, we passed them on to my sister's daughter, but she never really played with dolls. I feel kind of sad that they never had a tea party.

This memory popped into my head when I saw the rag dolls made by Jodi Cain in her Etsy shop Tattered Rags. Cain's dolls are similar to my grandmother's dolls except they wear their unhappiness on their sleeves. There isn't a smile to found among them and I appreciate they're honesty. It's like they're daring us to play with them.
Creepy Gothic Doll with Winged Doll
Pycho Sitting Doll
Fairy Rag Doll
Raggedy Ann & Andy
Rag Doll with Headless Dolly
Sad Rag Doll
The more I look at Cain's dolls the more I want to hug them! Cain has been selling her hand-stitched dolls since 2004. She has a gallery of her work on her website and she'll make a custom doll for you. 

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