Friday, August 19, 2016

Stephanie Inagaki: Macabre Fineries

Some artists are blessed to be able to work in a number of mediums equally well, though, could that be considered a curse? How do you have a moment to yourself when you are jumping from one project to another? Stephanie Inagaki seems to have it all under control.  She describes herself as a metal torcher, wrangler of fabrics, charcoal pusher, and gypsy dancer.

From Inagaki's jewelry, to the headdresses, to the sculpture, to the fine art prints on t-shirts, I love it all.  It's a good thing it's Friday because you're going to want to take some time to explore Inagaki's website and her multiple shops including Miyu Decay on Etsy and her Threadless shop.

Here's a tiny sampling of what she is doing.

Mouth Studies- Crow
Yokai Series: Scimitar II
Exquisite Restraint: Skin
Stirling Silver Bat Skull Necklace
Charivari Ring
Feather Epaulettes
Loves Embrace (available on t-shirts)
Death Scarab (available on t-shirts)

Inagaki's work is amazing. It's hard to believe all these things are from one artist. I'm in awe.

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