Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Spooky Stash

It's time for another cleaning out of my Etsy favorites. These are items I adore by spooky artists, but their spooky stash just isn't large enough to feature as a solo post. Enjoy!

Miniature Hand Pendant: Dovile B Jewelry
Medusa Corbel: Cast Shadows
Troll Skin Monster Bag: Wayward Leather Designs
Mummie Antidote: Martinefa
Drawing Down the Moon Pendant: Project Om
Pumpkin Queen: Artfully Handcrafted
Blind Horned Mask: Hysteria Machine
Crocheted Skull Mask: Dewey Decimal Crafts

That feels better. My favorites bin is nice and tidy now. There are other items you'd probably like in these artists' shops as well, so explore. And, don't buy the things I was going to get.

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