Friday, August 5, 2016

Halloween Embroidery from the Wise Olde Owl

There have been a few times this week that I have felt a slight breeze with a certain chill that reminded me that autumn is coming. This slight breeze is enough to open up the Halloween door in my mind. I'm suddenly thinking about costumes and decorations for the upcoming season. I start browsing on the word "Halloween" on Etsy and Pinterest. This is what I found.

Christy Parr is the artist behind Wise Olde Owl.  Parr uses machine embroidery to create her pieces which is what makes them so affordable.  They're just right to usher in the season.

Bite Me Pillow
Raven Nevermore Pillow
Creepy Wedding Vow Pillow
Edgar Allen Poe
Ray Bradbury
Leering Eyes

I like that you could leave these pieces in your house year-round. No need to put them away until next Halloween. Parr has a variety of sayings in her shop to suite just about any need. Stop by and visit today.

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