Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Cortney Rector: Halloween Folk Art

You can put today's post in the whimsical file. Cortney Rector's polymer and paper clay figures look like they've come out of a children's story book. Rector is an accomplished artist and besides Halloween items, she has paintings, jewelry, a wedding collection, and other seasonal figures on her website. (You should check out the bride and groom robots.)

I first noticed Rector's Etsy shop Cortney Rector Folk Art. It was her Monster in My Closet sculpture that caught my eye. It's sweet and scary. Just look at that abandoned teddy bear in the right corner; as if some child has just fled the scene.

Monster in My Closet

Rector's tiny sculptures are much friendlier.

Spooky Halloween Pumpkin
Worm-Eyed Pumpkin 
Spooky Creep
Skeleton Pendant
Black Cat  Pendant
Halloween Ghost
I'd like a few of these to scatter among my collection.

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