Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Blacknick Sculpture

I came across some pieces of sculpture the other day I want to share with you.  Blacknick Sculpture is Brian Blacknick's shop of horror and surreal art. His figures are menacing with just the right amount of humor. I think I might be the Cupcake Killer for Halloween this year. If you like zombies or have a thing for nasty snails, this is your place.

Skeleton Zombie Cowboy
The Cupcake Killer
Hydra Snail
Dry Spell Shadowbox
Clockwork Snowman
I'd like to make a snowman in my yard that looks like Clockwork! That almost makes me look forward to winter. I think I could even talk my husband into helping me.

Check out Blacknick's Facebook page for his latest work.

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