Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Metal & Bones

I have a few spare bones lying around that I think would make a lovely piece of jewelry or perhaps a hair ornament. That's as far as I get, and it's probably why I am attracted to the Emely Rose Boutique. There you will find interesting pieces made of ethically-sourced bone, feathers, and crystals. The work has a aura of magic surrounding it. You can almost see it.

Spirit Quartz Pendant
Healing Crystal Necklaces
Copper-plated Bone Necklace
Pentagram Squirrel Paw Necklace
Coyote Bone Necklace
Electroplated Mink Skull Necklace
Coyote Teeth Earrings

These pieces are not for the timid. You have to have a certain power of your own to wear them. Dare to make a statement.

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