Friday, July 8, 2016

Delightfully Devilish Dishes

In the last several years, after hauling all our Halloween decorations from the crypt (otherwise known as the basement), spending weeks arranging them around the house, gazing at them, and then repacking them for their ten-month slumber, I changed tactics. I started making purchases for a mood rather than a holiday. I decided that the pieces I loved best would remain as part of our decor year-round. That meant two things: they needed to be of a certain quality (mainly made by an artist) and they can not literally or figuratively scream "Halloween!"

That's why I'm attracted to the re-styled vintage porcelain dishes from Angioletti Designs. These would definitely fit into the mood of our home. They are beautiful, playful, and dark.  I think that describes perfectly the look I'm trying to achieve.

3-Piece Gold Rose Skull Tea Set
Bride and Groom Skeleton on Silver Dinner Plate
Pink and Gold Tea Plate with Cicada
Skull Gold Tea Cup and Saucer
3-Piece Aynsley Imperial Onyx Skull Plate Set
Octopus Tea Cup and Saucer
6 Floral Day of the Dead Plates

The process for applying the decals is the same used for creating decorative tiles that go in swimming pools. They aren't coming off any time soon. Angioletti Designs will also do custom pieces for you. Have you been wondering what to do with your parents' wedding china? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

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