Monday, July 25, 2016

Bones of the Coast on Kickstarter

Nothing makes me happier than to spend an hour trolling through Kickstarter to bring you a chilling new project. Actually I'm just happy to have an hour to sit down.

Yesterday I came across a comic book of horror stories about the Pacific Northwest coast of the US. Bones of the Coast brings together 35 veteran and newly-discovered creators from around the world. Calling itself an anthology of West Coast horror, the book will contain over 220 pages of full-color haunting stories.

Bones of the Coast is being published by Cloudscape Comics Society out of Vancouver, B.C., Canada, and is being partially funded by a grant from the Canadian government. Yay! That's a sure sign that this project will succeed. It's expected to be ready just in time for Halloween.

This from the publishers:
While Bones of the Coast does hope to frighten and unsettle you, we explicitly did not accept sexual violence. Nevertheless, Bones of the Coast is not recommended for younger readers and contains body horror, strong language, and one instance of self-harm.

Just so you know.
Original Comic Page by Renee Nault
Campaign rewards include digital and hard copies of the book along with opportunities for commissions from some of the artists and additional copies for resale. At the highest level, your name will be featured in one of the stories.

"The Harvest" by Shannon Campbell and Pam Wishbow

There are 24 days to go in this campaign and it is a little more than half-way to the goal. Let's see if we can help them out. Pledge today!

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