Friday, July 22, 2016

Acrylic Jewelry from Cherryloco

This stuff is fun! Cherryloco carries nearly indestructible, haunting jewelry with which to bedeck your sassy-self. It's super affordable and if you aren't as versed in paying for your purchases in pounds, they have an Etsy site too. They make it so easy. I'm showing you items from their Etsy site, but you should also check out the full shop.

Edgar Allen Poe
Dark Romance Crow Necklace
We Are the Weirdos
Ornate Bat
Bats out of Hell Earrings
Redrum Brooch
Mystique Magick
Bat out of Hell Bracelet

There are nearly 200 items on their Etsy site, but the website has so many more. You'll spend your coffee break looking at everything and since it takes so long, make sure you purchase more than one.

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