Monday, June 20, 2016

The Georgia Guidestones

For many wonderful years, I lived in Athens, Georgia. This past weekend a close friend from Athens came to visit me and while I was driving her to the airport this morning I was thinking about the Summer Solstice and that reminded me of the Georgia Guidestones in Elberton,Georgia.

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First, a bit about Elberton, GA. This small rural community is located about 45 miles outside of Athens. It is known as the "Granite Capitol of the World" because of the granite mines there. I have a feeling there are other places in the US that would question Elberton's claim to fame, but that's for them to fight over.

My friends and I were known to venture to Elberton for two things. First, there were large areas where pieces of granite were thrown in a trash pile because they broke while they were being carved, they were left over pieces, or best of all there was a misspelling. If you had a garden and wanted to make a unique patio or edge a bed you went to the trash granite piles and loaded up your car or truck. I have a friend who made a patio from misspelled tombstones. It was fabulous. Not sure it was exactly legal, however.

The second reason you went to Elberton was to check out the Georgia Guidestones. The Guidestones are also known as the "American Stonehenge."  It was erected in 1980 by an anonymous person or group known only as R.C. Christian. It's located in a pasture with nothing else around, and consists of six slabs with what is often called an apocalyptic message written in eight modern languages and four ancient languages. The stones are arranged to coincide with astronomical events and the message inscribed has ten guidelines for the world.

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance of nature
Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity
Unite humanity with a living new language
Rule passion - faith- tradition and all things with tempered reason
Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts
Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court
Avoid petty laws and useless officials
Balance personal rights and social duties
Prize truth - beauty - love seeking harmony with the infinite
Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature

(source: RadioLiberty)
The Guidestones are written about fairly often and you may hear something about them elsewhere today because of the solstice. Last year the BBC wrote a travel article about them called "One of the US' Greatest Mysteries." It's as good a place to learn about them as any. 

You can imagine the controversy this has caused in rural Georgia. Some say it was created by Satan worshipers. Some say it's a message of new world order. Personally, I think it's lovely. I wish I could be there today to see the sun align with the slot for the solstices. If you're ever near Elberton, I think you should stop by and check it out. Maybe you'll come home with a misspelled tombstone.

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