Thursday, June 2, 2016

Perfect for a Picnic in a Cemetery

In the mid-to-late-nineteenth century, cemeteries were created to look like parks. Families were supposed to spend the day wandering through them and visiting with their dead relatives. Having a picnic with the deceased was not such as strange idea. It's too bad that some cemeteries discourage this kind of activity today. I love the idea of having a picnic in the cemetery. I even have some table clothes picked out.

Muerto2Go has a nice selection of sugar skull table clothes that would be fun to own.

Frida Kahlo and Sugar Skulls
Day of the Dead & Black Polka Dots
Sacred Heart Milagros
Day of the Dead with Long Fringe
Virgin of Guadalupe
There are also napkins you can purchase to go with your table cloth.

Frida Kahlo & Sugar Skulls
How fun!

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