Monday, June 27, 2016

Los Bichos de Villaoscura: Spooky Dolls & Such

Etsy knows me well. The site is always showing me just what I like. The thing I like best is how it connects me with artists all over the world.  It makes my morning posting so much easier. Today, I share Villaoscura with you. It's a shop from Madrid, Spain. These dolls are calling to me.

Katarina the Creepy Circus Aerialist
Ertael Fallen Angel
Koff of the Wormnakes
Peleghan One-Eyed Troll
Villaoscura has other haunting items as well.

The Grady Twins Pendant and Jewelry Box
Classic Monsters Pencil Holder
Gorgon Medusa Brooch

These are just some of my favorites. There are many more fun items to view in the shop. Take a look around.

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