Friday, June 10, 2016

Furniture & Decor from M and W's

I happened upon M and W's shop quite by accident. They're located in Ohio and are a wood-working shop that does custom work. If you can design it, they'll build it. Besides offering furniture, they have some fun decorative items as well. Maybe seeing these items from their shop will spark a memory of a project you've been wanting to make and never got around to starting. Maybe M & W's can help.

Skull Bench Double King Size
Painted Skull Adirondack Chair
Frankenstein & Bride Chair Set
Small Wicca Holiday Cabinet
Repurposed Ouija Stand
Small Ouija Board Stand with Glass Base
If you have your own wood shop, they offer patterns for making your own skull adirondack chairs. You have to agree those are pretty awesome.

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