Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's time to clean out my Etsy favorites box again so I have a few things to show you. If you like what you see, visit their shops. You might find something else that you can't live (or die) without.

Continuing with the embroidery theme from yesterday, Heritage Stitch offers cross stitch patterns so you can try to make something beautiful yourself.
Sugar Skull Cross Stitch by HeritageStitch

My sister-in-law is a wiz at knitting and crocheting. She made a shawl like this in black and I'm in love with it. This one is from OneCre8tiveMama.
Crocheted Skull Shawl by OneCre8tiveMama

BoneAndSkull has some wonderfully carved jewelry from bone.
Human Skull Ring fromBoneAndSkull

I need to find a place for these cabinet knobs from jade4wood.
Skull Cabinet Knobs from jade4wood

These measuring spoons from theRoosfoos are fabulous!
Calaveras Measuring Spoons from theRoosfoos

You haven't forgotten the movie The Witch from this spring already, have you? Well, I haven't and I'm giving some serious thought to this t-shirt.
Vote Black Phillip 2016 T-shirt from woeandshucks

Finally, this little piece of sculpture would be sensational for holding your rings.
Witch's Hand by PayneSculptures
Have a great weekend, everyone!

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