Thursday, June 30, 2016

Adagio Teas Fandom Blends

So it's true. My resolve not to host a Halloween party this year is starting to gnaw away at me.  I just started day dreaming about what a Halloween brunch would like like. Would that even make sense? I began doing a tiny bit of research on haunted tea parties last weekend and came upon the perfect tea to serve at your next haunted event or any storming day. If I don't have a party, at least I got a blog post out of it.

Adagio Teas makes artisan tea blends. The website has hundreds to choose from, but what caught my eye are the Fandom Signature Blends. If you are a fan of any science fiction, horror, super hero, anime, or television series they make a tea for that. And not just one tea! They make an entire collection for one theme. It's fabulous. The teas come in metal tins with cool artwork. You know how all the creative people make tiny altars from Altoid tins? Well, I think Adagio Tea tins are going to be the next big thing. There is a huge cauldron full of teas to choose from. It's going to take you awhile to decide which ones you absolutely must have in your pantry.

A Swinging Wake Collection: Aura of Foreboding
American Horror Story Collection: Marie Laveau
Tim Burton Teas Collection: Skellington

Halloween Collection: Frankenstein
The Vampire Chronicles Collection: Lestat de Lioncourt
Sleepy Hollow Collection: Ichabod Crane
Edgar Allan Poe Collection: Edgar
I could spend hours looking at the available teas, but I know the taste is important too so there are rating from customers who have tried the blends. I think this could be addictive. I'm already obsessed with the idea of waking up in the morning, assessing my mood and choosing an evil tea.

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