Monday, May 2, 2016

The Halloween Tour

We have just passed the six-month mark to Halloween. Where has the time gone? I've just finally gotten all of my Halloween things sorted and put away and now it's time to start thinking about how they'll be used this Halloween.

You see, I've decided not to throw a Halloween party this year. This is a big deal in our household because we've been throwing a party for well over- well I can't remember how long. It's been that long. I've said this before, it's true, but this year I'm serious.  For the past decade, almost every waking moment from September to November is consumed with party planning. I've begun to feel like I'm missing out on what other people are doing to celebrate.

This year, I'm planning on attending as many parties, lectures, hayrides, exhibits, and shows as I possibly can. It doesn't mean that I won't decorate the house- that would be impossible, and it doesn't mean that I won't have friends over. It will just be less formal.

I'm actually excited about planning our Halloween tour. We live within a day's drive to both Salem and Sleepy Hollow. I'm in New England! It can't get much spookier than that. I hope you'll come with me either virtually or in person. I'm thinking maybe I should plan some weekend events through so that other people can tag along with me.

The planning has begun, and there is still much to think about. I'd like to spruce up our exterior Halloween decorations, plan something special for the trick-or-treaters that will be out on a Monday night this year, and maybe I'll make the ultimate costume.

If you'd like to start dreaming about your Halloween I invite you to browse my Halloween Life Pinterest board. It's a mishmash of everything from costumes to food to decor. It's not too early to start planning. Really.

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