Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Spooky Grab Bag

Today is one of those days where I drop a few unconnected things for you to consider. I really don't have enough for a full post for each of them, but I want to make sure you're aware.

The first is an awesome idea for the spooky mom in your life - or maybe she is just a realist. I meant to post this anatomical heart necklace much earlier so that you could order it in time for Mother's Day, but forgot. Oops. Tell her it's on the way. It's from Fox Fern Studios and you can customize it. Fabulous.

Mother's Anatomical Heart Necklace by FoxFernStudios

Have you heard about the new restaurant in New York City? It's called Beetle House NYC and it's themed for Tim Burton and year-round Halloween. Tim Burton is not actually connected with the restaurant, the owners just love his work. The decor, food, and drinks are all reminiscent of a Burton film and they are "inspired by all things dark and lovely." The drink menu includes cocktails named Edwards Lemonade, The Barbers Bloody Mary, and We Come in Peace and Leave in Pieces. The food menu includes Beetle Bread, Sweeney Beef, and I Love It Meat Pie. The restaurant has only been open a week and like most restaurant openings has been a bit rocky. My rule is never to try a restaurant until it's been open at least a month. It could sour your interest before they really get their act together. Check out their Facebook page.
(source: The Guardian)
Yesterday, I posted the smashing new video from Radiohead on my Facebook page. For the last several days, Radiohead has been removing all of their social media content and sending fliers to fans that said "Sing a song of sixpence that goes/ Burn the Witch/ We know where you live." There was definitely a buzz in the air. So, when they released a new song and video called "Burn the Witch" yesterday it spread like wildfire. Pitchfork has some interesting content about the video and you can read it all if you're interested by clicking the Pitchfork link (just scroll through, they have behind the scenes shots and such.) The video is a political statement on small-mind mentality and following the crowd, but the best part for us is that it is filmed using clay figures and features the burning of the Wicker Man! If you haven't watched it yet, you must.

That should give you some things to think about it. Now, go about your day.

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