Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ding-Dong! All Who Enter Beware

I am ashamed to admit it, but our back porch doorbell is plain. I'm so embarrassed by it that I haven't refreshed the batteries. If someone actually tries to use it that means they'll have noticed it, and how can I answer the door after that? So, it remains silent and unknown guests will wait forever.
I think you'll agree this is a crying shame of a doorbell

All that is going to change since I found the Doorbell Company. Now, I will be proud to answer the back door. I just have to decide which one I'm going to purchase.

Large Bat Doorbell
Cat with Bat Wings
Small Bat
Gargoyle Face with Horns

These are just a few of the splendid doorbells they offer. Take some time to look around their website.  We don't need to be embarrassed by our doorbells any longer.

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  1. I am having great difficulty finding gargoyle doorbells. went on doorbell co. said no gargoyles. HELP