Monday, April 11, 2016

Klopp Studio Klowns

If it's not a post about jewelry, it's probably going to be a post about art dolls. I hope you like both of those things. Today I'm highlighting Klopp Studio's primitive spooky dolls. Artist Debra Klopp Kersey loves Halloween as much as we do and spends her free time making creepy dolls. I think a few of these in the guest bedroom will shorten any unwanted visits. I love the way these dolls look like they were just pulled out of an old attic trunk. Do you think they're haunted?

Freak Show Cute
Creepy Clown
Creepy Stump Doll
Primitive Witch
Creepy Ornament 
Klopp also makes original Tarot decks that are rather fiendish. Use at your own risk.

Clown Tarot Deck
Raven Tarot Deck
Now is the perfect time to be shopping for additions to your Halloween collection. After seeing original artist pieces you'll never be able to shop at the big box stores again for your Halloween items and you'll be too busy during October to get everything you need. 

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