Friday, April 15, 2016

Edward Gorey & The Tiger Lillies

King of the Macabre, Edward Gorey (1925 - 2000), died sixteen years ago today. I wasn't sure how best to mark this day on Shivers. So much has been written about him that I find it a challenge to mention anything you haven't read or seen a thousand times before.

So, at the risk of repetition, I think you should take a look at two things today. The first is Gorey's obituary in the New York Times. Really, you know you've made it when you get a long obituary in the Times.

Gorey's reputation for being macabre really doesn't go far enough in my opinion. He was actually the King of Macabre Humor.  Gorey never shocked without a smirk. That's what made him so popular. He made you feel part of an inside joke- something you giggled about at the back of the funeral parlor.

It's not wonder that before he died Gorey became enamored of the band The Tiger Lillies who are a British band formed in 1989 in the Dark Cabaret genre -if there is such a thing. Their macabre and humorous lyrics push the boundaries a bit further than Gorey, but you can understand the attraction.

Gorey sent a box of poems and lyrics to The Tiger Lillies so that they could put music to them. The result is a 13 song CD called The Gorey End. Sadly, Gorey passed away before he could hear the finished product that was a collaboration between The Tiger Lillies and the Kronos Quartet. The CD received a Grammy Nomination in 2003 for best Classical Crossover Album.

Your second task today (see, I didn't forget) is to listen to The Gorey End (posted on YouTube) and smile. I really like the song "Gin", but that should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me.

By the way, the Edward Gorey House Museum opens for the season today. Make a visit if you can. You can read last year's post about Gorey right here.

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